Do I Need a Local Conveyancer?

If you’re looking for a conveyancer to complete a sale on a property, you’re probably wondering whether you need a local conveyancer. Well we’re here to help you answer this question with a list of top reasons why it’s a good idea to go local with your choice of property lawyer.

1. Speedier Communication Process

For starters a local conveyancer will have a good grasp of the local market and potentially even know the other party’s solicitor. This will not only help to speed up communication, it will also enable them to resolve problems more efficiently and keep your best interests at heart. With our carefully selected local conveyancers, you will be assigned your own property specialist who can handle your transaction from start to finish.

Being well-connected should essentially help speed up the process – which is great if you’re anxious to move!

2. Excellent knowledge of the Area

They will be able to tell you which searches apply to the area and prepare you for any additional fees. For instance, the property could require an environmental search for issues such as flooding, or your property could be built on the former site of a mine, in which case a mining search would help determine how safe the building is. You may even require a chancel repairs search. These are all things that a local conveyancer is more likely to know and bring to your attention sooner. This will help you make more informed decisions and protect your financial interests.

3. Easy Access to the Office

While many legal services these days can be done remotely, it can be reassuring to know that your conveyancer is only a short walk or drive away. Choosing a local lawyer is especially beneficial for people who prefer face-to-face meetings. In general there are some essential parts of the legal process which are easier to complete if you attend the office, such as verifying your identity.

4. Personalised, Friendly Service

A local solicitor will typically offer a more personalised and approachable level of service than an online solicitor would. They will take the time to keep you in the loop with progress, answer your questions and work with your individual needs. In general this will create a friendlier experience.


While it’s completely up to you whether you choose a local or conveyancer or not, we believe the knowledge and connections a local conveyancer has can be invaluable and highly beneficial for property buyers.

Wherever you’re looking to move to, we’re in touch with thousands of property conveyancers across England. Based in East England, we have a great working relationship with fully qualified and accredited property lawyers based in key cities like Peterborough, Cambridge and Norwich as well as smaller towns such as Northampton and Ipswich.

With our competitive quote tool, you can access the best service for the best price in your area. Interested in choosing a local conveyancer? Why not fill out our quick and easy form today to get started.