What You Need to Know About Your Conveyancing Quote

So you’re shopping around for a conveyancer because you’ve found a great new property you want to buy, but you’re not sure what a conveyancing quote includes, or whether it’s a good deal? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned property purchaser, we can help you decode the conveyancing quote and offer some helpful tips and guidance which you can use to your advantage.

Your Quote Explained – What Does a Conveyancing Quote Include?

A conveyancing quote covers the legal fees involved with transferring a property from its current owner to you. A licensed conveyancer acts on behalf of the buyer and ensures you receive the title deeds to the property. They also protect your legal rights and are there to guide you smoothly through the buying process.

To ensure you’re getting a good deal, it’s a good idea to shop around for quotes.

If you’re unsure about a conveyancing quote because it seems rather low, or too good to be true, you can request a breakdown of the costs to ensure it covers all the essentials. If things like property searches and Stamp Duty are not included, you will want to factor that into the overall price.

Will I Still Need to Pay if the Sale Falls Through?

It’s incredibly frustrating, but sometimes a house sale falls through. Even more annoying, you often still have to cough up money for certain legal fees.

However there are some things you can do to protect against this eventuality.

If there’s a large chain or you feel your buyer or seller has cold feet about moving, it may be worth asking how much you’d have to pay in legal fees if the sale was to fall through. You can then weigh up whether you’d be happy to pay that sum.

You could also try and find a conveyancer who works on a ‘no move, no fee’ basis. However, you may still have to pay third party fees, or they may charge a higher rate for this service.

If you’re unsure whether to progress with a house sale, you can always instruct your conveyancer but ask them not to incur any expenses until you’re more confident.

Why Choose My Big New Shell for Your Conveyancing Quote?

We specialise in delivering a localised price comparison service to help you find the best conveyancing quote in your area. We work with thousands of property conveyancers from across England. Key areas we serve include Peterborough, Norwich, Ipswich, Cambridge and Northampton.

With My Big New Shell we operate on a fixed-price guarantee meaning you won’t be charged a penny more than what you’re quoted through us. There also won’t be any hidden costs or fees added.

We also only work with fully licensed and accredited conveyancers to ensure you’re getting a high quality service.


We hope this blog has provided some insightful tips on how to better understand your conveyancing quote.

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