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About Us

At Big New Shell we are a team of local conveyancing experts who have many years’ experience of buying and selling properties. Because of that invaluable experience we understand that choosing your best value conveyancer is one of the most important aspects of your property deal and it can be stressful.

Sorting out the best value conveyancing – with all the difficulties and communication problems that can happen between sellers and buyers, often over a period of weeks or even months – requires someone trustworthy and communicative, who can explain the more complicated aspects of the process to you, while ensuring you are not charged an escalating, extravagant amount along the way.

Often, people looking for local conveyancing have had little experience in legal dealings and can feel especially bemused when they find themselves in need of a professional who won’t overcharge them for their services. Property dealings also require sellers and buyers to sign documents or view papers in person, meaning you will need the best local conveyancer within easy reach of where you reside ‒ another significant consideration when choosing the ideal conveyancer.

That’s where we come in. At Big New Shell, whichever criteria you decide upon, you can search online and within seconds we can offer you three quotes from named, respected companies that entirely fit your needs. This also allows you to compare the conveyancing services offered at your leisure.

Here’s the crucial part: because conveyancers on Big New Shell don’t pay us referral fees, we pass on the best deals to you. This means you only pay the usual fees and disbursements you would if you had gone to the best local conveyancer directly – there are no extras and no hidden costs for referral.

Not only this, but our teams have strong, working relationships with thousands of top, best value conveyancer companies across England and Wales, meaning we can offer you even better deals.

What’s in it for us? We get free leads and offering our partners business means we foster those relationships, guaranteeing business, ensuring cheap legal fees and securing even better deals in years to come. Everybody wins – especially you!