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House Data in Colsterworth

According to Colsterworth statistics there can be approximately 26 houses for sale in Colsterworth at a time, with the average asking price being £263,840.00 and the median time to sell a house averaging at 98 days.

Colsterworth District Council & Council Tax

A total of 1,713 people live in Colsterworth. Below is a breakdown of the various council tax bands and prices. These are based on what the value of your property was on 1 April 1991, not its current value. You can check your Council Tax band by going on the Government website.

Valuation band Range of values Valuation band Range of values
A Up to and including £40,000.00 E £88,000.01 – £120,000
B £40,000.01 – £52,000 F £120,000.01 – £160,000
C £52,000.01 – £68,000 G £160,000.01 – £320,000
D £68,000.01 – £88,000 H More than £320,000

Why Colsterworth: Things To Do?

Woolsthorpe Manor is a typical early 17th-century yeoman’s farmhouse, built sometime after 1623. This stone house has 2- and 3-light mullioned windows and stone copings to the gables of a steeply pitched roof. Woolsthorpe is most famous as the birthplace of Isaac Newton, who was born here on Christmas Day in 1642. As such, the entrance door bears the crossed bones from Newton’s coat of arms which were added in the late 18th century. Inside there are original panelled doors and 17th-century fireplaces, as well as graffiti – of geometrical figures and a variety of hieroglyphics – purported to have been made by Newton, but which may well be 18th- or 19th-century additions intended to impress credulous tourists.

In the orchard at Woolsthorpe Manor they are custodians of a very special apple tree.  Yes, the very tree from which an apple fell and caused Newton to ask the question: ‘Why do apples always fall straight down to the ground?’

The tree first put down roots around 400 years ago. For at least 240 years it has been shown to visitors as Isaac Newton’s apple tree.

Here he began to think about why everything always fell down – not sideways, or upwards – and came to the conclusion that there must be a power (now we call it a force) that draws them. ‘How far would that power extend?’, he thought. ‘Why not as far as the moon?’.

The story of the apple falling inspiring Newton is a scientific legend, but there are many truths in it. We know he was constantly inspired by the natural world around him. This caused him to question, explore and experiment.  Later in life, Newton himself told the story to his biographers, both William Stukeley and John Conduitt, and they recorded it in their writings.

Average Cost of a Conveyancer in Colsterworth

One of our most FAQ’s is “what is the average cost of Conveyancing in Colsterworth?”. This entirely depends on whether you are simply purchasing property, selling property or both! Secondly, the price of the property is the second factor to consider, Finally the average cost of a conveyancer can entirely depend on what Colsterworth postcode you are moving to.

In simple terms, why not complete our instant conveyancing quote calculator to find out in seconds how much it could cost you!

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My Big New Shell want our customers to receive the best possible conveyancing deal, in the quickest time possible – as we know that time and money is important! With access to thousands of conveyancing firms nationwide, we utilise a fixed fee policy, where the price quoted will not change, have no hidden fees with no extra costs! See for yourself and try our instant conveyancing quote!


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