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House Data in Little Oakley

According to Little Oakley statistics there can be approximately 8 houses for sale in Little Oakley at a time, with the average asking price being £216,009.00 and the median time to sell a house averaging at 77 days.

Little Oakley City Council & Council Tax

A total of 126 people live in Little Oakley. Below is a breakdown of the various council tax bands and prices. These are based on what the value of your property was on 1 April 1991, not its current value. You can check your Council Tax band by going on the Government website.

Valuation band Range of values Valuation band Range of values
A Up to and including £40,000.00 E £88,000.01 – £120,000
B £40,000.01 – £52,000 F £120,000.01 – £160,000
C £52,000.01 – £68,000 G £160,000.01 – £320,000
D £68,000.01 – £88,000 H More than £320,000

Why Little Oakley: Things To Do?

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Kingswood Local Nature Reserve is situated in the north west of Little Oakley, close to Danesholme, Kingswood and Beanfield. It is a semi-natural ancient woodland site and a fantastic place for wildlife and for people to enjoy. Kingswood is now an important urban home for all kinds of plants and animals and is a great place for spotting wildlife! Over 250 different species of plants have been recorded at the reserve, including many that are characteristic of ancient woodlands such as wood anemone, dog’s mercury, enchanter’s-nightshade, yellow archangel and wood sorrel. Tawny owl, treecreeper and all three species of woodpecker can be found at Kingswood, as well as a wide variety of other birds, and the reserve is also a fantastic site for a large number of different invertebrates including many different types of butterflies, dragonflies/damselflies and beetles.

Average Cost of a Conveyancer in Little Oakley

One of our most FAQ’s is “what is the average cost of Conveyancing in Little Oakley?”. This entirely depends on whether you are simply purchasing property, selling property or both! Secondly, the price of the property is the second factor to consider, Finally the average cost of a conveyancer can entirely depend on what Little Oakley postcode you are moving to.
In simple terms, why not complete our instant conveyancing quote calculator to find out in seconds how much it could cost you!

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My Big New Shell want our customers to receive the best possible conveyancing deal, in the quickest time possible – as we know that time and money is important! With access to thousands of conveyancing firms nationwide, we utilise a fixed fee policy, where the price quoted will not change, have no hidden fees with no extra costs! See for yourself and try our instant conveyancing quote!


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