When to Hire a Conveyancing Specialist: 5 Reasons

Deciding whether to hire a conveyancing specialist is no easy task, especially when looking to buy or sell a property quickly in or around Ipswich. If you aren’t sure if a conveyancing specialist is worth the money, read our blog to learn five key reasons why having a conveyancing specialist makes all the difference when dealing with the complexities of transferring ownership. Compare conveyancing quotes using My Big New Shell today to see which options are available to you and hire a trusted conveyancing specialist today!

5 Reasons to Hire a Conveyancing Specialist

We suggest hiring a conveyancing specialist to help you with the following:

  • Bank transfers
  • Stamp Duty Tax
  • Local Searches
  • Contracts
  • Land Registries

Bank Transfers

A conveyancing specialist will ensure that the contract you sign is identical to the other party’s and that each party is happy to proceed. If you both are happy with the agreement, the contract is legally binding and will go ahead as planned. They will then transfer your deposit once the contract is signed and handle the exchange of contracts. 

Stamp Duty Land Tax

A conveyancing specialist will ensure that the money you put aside for your mortgage reaches the hands of your seller and will also pay any Stamp Duty Land Tax on your behalf. 

Local Searches

Checks will be completed to see if there are any plans for development that could affect your property in the future. For example, checks with your local body or the seller to see if anything has been planned or is in the works currently to be done.


One of the top reasons to hire a conveyancing specialist is that he or she will tie up any loose ends and finalise your sale. This includes sending legal documents, such as the Land Registry, to the appropriate bodies, as well as handing in a copy of the title deeds to your mortgage provider. 

Land Registry

As well as check for any pending development plans, a conveyancing specialist will check to see if your seller really owns the property. He or she will evaluate environmental risks to the property, such as flooding, too.

Hiring a conveyancing specialist truly is a no-brainer when trying to finalise the sale of a property. Learn more about My Big New Shell and compare the market with us to find the best conveyancing price for you. Our quotes have no hidden referral fees!